For yourself


We want you to know that recovery is possible, and we can help. Here’s what you can expect at each step in the process when you choose Ciconia Recovery and get alcohol and/or drug misuse treatment for yourself.

Friendly and Helpful Admissions Specialists
We offer free of charge, confidential phone consultations for clients looking to learn more about our facility. Our admissions specialists will work with you to determine the best fit for you based on budget and treatment preferences. We shift through the administrative processes so that you can focus only on getting better.

Treatment Tailored for You
Ciconia Recovery is known for setting the gold standard in personalized care. We work with you to determine your strengths, interests, and preferences making sure treatment reflects everything that inspires you and makes you unique.

Comfort and Compassion
Our main goal is that you focus on your treatment, not what’s lacking in your environment. Therefore, we prioritize your comfort throughout all the recovery steps and make sure that you receive all the care you need.