For A Loved One


It can be heart-breaking to watch a loved one struggle with mental health disorders or substance/drug misuse issues. You may feel as though there’s nothing you can do to help them. Worry no more! our staff members at Ciconia Recovery are fully licensed and experienced. They use evidence-based treatment plans that are scientifically proven to help individuals overcome mental health and misuse. Along the way, we’ll help patients develop more effective coping skills to reduce their chances of any future relapse.

What Can Your Loved One Expect at Ciconia Recovery
When loved ones come to our clinic, they will be in good hands. They’ll be welcomed by a compassionate clinical team and a psychiatrist that will start by evaluating them, followed by setting a personalized treatment plan which best suits their needs.

Life is Much Better in Recovery
As a family member, spouse, or close friend, you have the power to help your loved one reach out for mental health or misuse recovery clinic. Don’t hesitate to show them the way for a better life.