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Drug Detox

Consider a new life.

This is generally for people who want to be completely abstinent from taking drugs like street Heroin or prescribed opioids but can also be done for other drugs such as Benzodiazepines, Alcohol, etc. The detox helps the person to cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Detox can be done in the community via an outpatient specialist clinic or at an inpatient clinic depending on the individual’s circumstances, at Ciconia Recovery, we offer the outpatient detox.

For example, a Heroin detox at an outpatient clinic allows the individual to switch from Heroin to a Heroin substitute like Methadone, Buprenorphine tablets or Buvidal (Buprenorphine Monthly Injection) then gradually reduce from the substitute so that they are completely clean from both; this can take up to 12 weeks.

In an inpatient clinic, a detox can be rapid and done within 4/5 days or detox can be done more gradually over 3/4 weeks, upon completion of the detox the patient will also be offered Naltrexone in the form of tablets or an implant which is a full antagonist meaning it blocks the effects of any opiate use if an individual succumbs to the urge of using after completing their detox.

Once an individual stops using drugs, their body begins the process of flushing, cleansing and healing. The aim of the detox is about helping the individual to stop using the drug gradually and to ease any withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal varies from one individual to another based on many factors including their age, what drugs they are using, the amounts being used, duration of misuse, amongst other factors. Physical withdrawal develops when parts of the brain that are responsible for regulating certain bodily functions become reliant upon the presence of that drug in their system and require it to start functioning normally.

drug detox
drug detox

At Ciconia Recovery we understand that one of the main issues for individuals with drug dependency is the fear of withdrawal symptoms they will inevitably suffer once they stop, with the right detox plan the withdrawal symptoms will significantly reduce once their bodies start re-adjusting to coping without the substance. Our duty at Ciconia is to listen to and advise our clients the best options available in supporting and providing as pain-free a detox as possible.

The detox can be done in the community in the comfort of their normal surroundings and with the right detox/prescribing plan with as little impact on their daily lives as possible.

With the right detox plans, the severe signs of distress, anxiety and withdrawal symptoms should be significantly reduced throughout the process. Getting clean and sober via a community detox as stated earlier usually takes up to 12 weeks.

At Ciconia Recovery we recognise that the road to recovery is physical as well as psychological, both have to be tackled hand in hand to allow the client a greater chance in achieving their goal of adopting a drug-free lifestyle free from dependency ‘once and for all.’

However the detox process is only the physical side of a client’s recovery journey, therefore at Ciconia the client’s care/recovery plan during this detox period will also include regular psycho-social interventions like counselling, trauma therapy, relapse prevention, coping mechanisms, recognising triggers etc. to deal with any psychological issues, hopefully providing the client with the skills and knowledge to avoid any future risks that could lead to any lapses.

For anyone seeking a luxurious, serene, and extravagant environment for drugs misuse recovery, we can grant you this privilege. We promise that our trusted rehabs in the UK will provide you with a tailored recovery program that suits your needs in total confidentiality as well as offering mental support to your loved ones.

So why not pick up the phone today for an informal and confidential chat with one of our experienced staff at Ciconia Recovery to discuss your best options if you are considering a drug detox.

drug detox


Who will I speak to when I call?

Experienced recovery workers who are compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable about substance misuse and mental health issues, they will be happy to take your call and discuss all your queries in a discreet and confidential manner. And if needed they will offer you a free video consultation with a psychiatrist.

How much does treatment cost?

At CRL we endeavour to keep our costs as low as possible whilst at the same time continuing to  provide high quality care. The cost of treatment varies depending on the level of care needed and the length of the treatment plan required.

The best way to ascertain this cost would be to speak to one of our experienced recovery workers to determine what treatment plan will be the most effective for you in achieving your desired goals.

Does insurance cover mental health or addictive treatment?

Some private health insurance companies cover the treatment, you will have to check your policy to see if you qualify.

Does insurance cover adult ADHD assessment or treatment?

Yes, most private health insurance companies cover the treatment, you will have to check your policy to see if you qualify.

Do you only treat substance misuse?

No, in addition to our drug and alcohol treatment packages, we also treat a wide range of mental health disorders, some of which may be associated with the individual’s substance misuse and dependency, these include treatment for personality disorders, anxiety, depression, adult ADHD and PTSD amongst other disorders.

What if I need a detox?

We offer a wide range of options for smooth and painless detox thanks to our new provided medications (i.e. long-acting buprenorphine monthly injections). If this is something you are interested in, please call us to discuss which is more suitable for you.

The main emphasis in our detox programs is to provide as much comfort and support while doing our best to minimise any withdrawal symptoms the individual may experience throughout their recovery. Many users recognise they need help and support to get clean but fear the consequences of withdrawals, we have created detox plans to greatly reduce the unpleasant effects of withdrawals.

Do your programs offer aftercare?

Yes, we will continue to support clients after they have completed treatment either by us or elsewhere by offering a wide range of aftercare programs, studies have shown that people have a much better chance of avoiding relapse if they are engaged in aftercare programs. Please get in touch to discuss the best aftercare options for yourself.

Is smoking permitted?

No, this is a medical facility and smoking is not permitted at all.

Do you treat trauma?

Yes, our staff are specially trained in trauma, grief/loss and attachment, we know very well the negative impact these can have on someone’s mental health which can then trigger alcohol/drug misuse and other negative behavioural health challenges.

Among our treatment approaches to trauma is EMDR therapy which is very effective in easing and treating PTSD.

What is outpatient care?

Outpatient care is less intensive than inpatient care. The patient will usually attend regular meetings with a consultant psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist or key-worker where they will be given similar treatments to those in an inpatient clinic. However, as the patient does not stay overnight, the cost of this care is less expensive.

Outpatient programmes consist of daily, weekly or monthly sessions. Because outpatient treatment requires less time in-attendance, the entire recovery programme generally lasts longer than inpatient care. While inpatient treatment typically lasts for a period of six to eight weeks, an outpatient programme can last many months.

Who is outpatient treatment suitable for?

Outpatient treatment is suitable for individuals who have been struggling with addiction but may benefit from a less intensive approach to recovery than inpatient care.

CRL staff are available to offer helpful advice and information on all types of addiction and the most suitable treatment options. If you would like a referral to a counsellor, therapist or consultant psychiatrist for outpatient treatment, call us today. We can also provide support and advice to the loved ones of those struggling with addiction, as well as information on the treatments we provide and how these can be accessed.

Our staff are compassionate and caring and will treat anything you discuss in the strictest of confidence. If you need advice on addiction, or simply need someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to call us.

Are your staff qualified?

All CRL staff are qualified for their specific roles with many years of experience in working in the addiction and mental health fields. In addition all our staff are always up to date with all their relevant training and registrations.


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